Kitchen Design & Installation

The kitchen is the hub of every household.  It’s a gathering place where family and friends come together for almost every occasion. Why not make it the most memorable room in your home?
Whether you are just preparing meals for your loved ones, helping the kids with homework, or planning the gathering/event of the year, the kitchen is one of the liveliest places in your home.
Home Restoration Exchange is here to help you make the BEST choices of materials for use in your dream kitchen and to create the most functional kitchen for you to enjoy for years to come.


• ¾” Plywood box construction

• Made to our project specs

• Allows for maximum storage in your new kitchen

• BEST PART……Back-ordered items from a prefabricated manufacturer will not hold up your kitchen.


• New doors and drawer fronts

• New hinges and hardware

• Veneer existing exterior

• Box elements to match

• New door color


• Combination of refacing and custom “new cabinets”

• This allows you to have the function of entirely new, without the messiness of demolition and drawn-out time frame

Do you desire or are missing a pantry in your kitchen?  Hybrid may be the perfect solution.  Add the pantry at the end of your kitchen, and build in your fridge using tall side panels, which allows the above fridge cabinet to be brought to the front for easier access to those items not used daily.

Let one of our professional designers show you how to make your kitchen beautiful, more functional, and accessible.